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Chumps fail to grasp the evil virus behind 9/11

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So much has been said about 9/11 that there’s no point in my adding anything about related events in the US or in the Muslim world. But in its own way, as interesting was the impact of 9/11 on Ireland and Europe generally.

Putting aside the shock and disgust felt by all, left and right, pro- and anti-American, at the appalling loss of innocent life in this perfectly evil atrocity, there was a very clear division in the subsequent response. On the one hand, there were the Chomskyites, henceforth the chumps, who felt that there was an underlying “reason” for 9/11, which had been “created” by US policies. And there were the others, the Burkians, who felt that 9/11 represented yet another occasion when evil had captured the souls of men. We’d seen it before — the French Revolution, the October Revolution in Russia, the Third Reich in Germany, Mao and Pol Pot. And now, here we go again.

I know where I stand; firmly as a burk. Most of those in Dublin’s liberal silicate triangle of Sandymount/ Sandycove/Sandyford, wherein the greater part of the media and academe reside, are chumps. We burks do not think that reason and cause motivated men to kidnap innocent airline passengers and fly their plane into skyscrapers. Politics is not present here, only the darker sides of the human psyche.

This is the fatal allure of evil, which exists in allegory in the Garden of Eden, and lives in every human soul and every society. Good men joined the Nazi party and the Bolsheviks. Good men — and this is really hard to say — probably helped hijack the 9/11 airliners.

But that is the nature of evil: it is like a rabies virus, and sometimes you just have to put down the much-loved family pet.

Evil exists in hate. That unfocussed toxin, once given a viral shape through language, can race through an entire intellectual community. For example, communism corrupted thousands of free-thinking intelligent people across democratic Western Europe in the 1930s. They accepted the intrinsic rightness of class-war, and the extermination of class enemies. This is not “reason”, but a social pathogen. Bad government policy might assist in the transmission of evil: but even more so will the failure of government to confront it when it begins to corrupt the minds of the young.

Wahabbism — Islam’s form of Nazism — was able to break free from the vials in which it was nurtured in Arabia, with the assistance of Saudi petrodollars: and it was the west’s insensate greed for cheap energy which caused us to ignore the evil that was being done to young minds in the madrassahs of the Muslim world.

Nineteenth century Islam was nothing like the new forms of toxic Islam which spread with the mass-arrival of the internal combustion engine, and the consequent popularity of Saudi crude. We in the west sinned, to be sure: but our sins were of omission and emission, not commission.

That’s pretty much it, for us burks. Whereas a chump will declare that Muslims have been radicalised by Israeli intransigence, and Israel is supported by the west, so therefore it is the west’s fault that . . . et cetera. But this is not reason; it is special-case whingeing. It is the creation of exemptions from the norms of civilised behaviour for perverse political reasons that we would never allow in our own homes and in our own streets. Though of course, chumps do allow it on others’ streets; which was why Irish chumps happily blamed British “society” for the London riots, while the burks blamed the spread of bad ideas, including the one that had turned the Met into uniformed social workers.

Burks in principle sided with the US in the invasion of Iraq — though being rational pessimists, we assumed that our fellow rational pessimists would not behave like chumpish optimists, and go to war without proper preparation.

But meanwhile, the reflex anti-Americanism of the chumps would have left Saddam Hussein in power to this day. And if so, what of the Arab uprisings, which the chumps are now wrongly calling The Arab Spring? (The eponymous Prague Spring was entirely peaceful). Would they have been possible without Saddam’s overthrow?

We burks do not call the Arab-insurrections spring-anything, for we instinctively dislike violent uprisings, which seldom reward the fair. Men driven by hate usually end up in command after revolutions. They most emphatically did after the last — and most unvernal — Middle-Eastern “spring”, in Iran, and then with gun and gibbet devoured their former insurrectionary-allies, the native left-wing chumps. Yet many Irish chumps, in the guise of “anti-imperialism”, then actually celebrated the failure of the US hostage-rescue mission in Iran. The emotion-based idiocy of chumpery can be almost bottomless.

We burks look into the human soul and don’t like what we see; chumps, being feelers, shape their opinions on whatever makes them feel good. The burks’ moral heartland is the democratically-answerable, operational HQ of the US SEALS. That of the chumps is a Live-Aid concert for single mothers in Haiti. Which is more real?

Take your pick. And finally, on this weekend in particular: GBA.

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