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Not At All, Mr. President

“Today, we explore this past, not to air inherited grievances or seek justification for injustices perpetrated in our name, nor do we seek to compare atrocities committed in the name of nationalism, unionism or British Imperialism,” said President Higgins the other day in yet another speech almost solely dedicated to doing what he said he wouldn’t do, namely venting inherited grievances and denouncing British imperialism. As for atrocities, he listed many British examples, but none that had been perpetrated in […]

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The Aras Others other Others

Keeping your nose out of other people’s business is probably a sensible idea generally, but it’s a very good one indeed when you’re an elected head of state and it’s your job not to go gratuitously offending your neighbours. So why did President Higgins utter his broadside in The Guardian newspaper about the “feigned amnesia” of the British regarding their empire? Imagine the outcry if one’s critical musings about one’s former colony in Ireland had been publicly issued from Buckingham […]

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The Canary That Still Sings

Twenty-five years ago this week, mass rallies across Ireland after the IRA’s murderous Canary Wharf bombing told the republican movement that it was time to end its 26-year long war. Since then, an entire generation has grown up in Ireland without any knowledge of the real meaning of paramilitary violence. This has not been because Sinn Fein-IRA have abandoned their ambitions or renounced their methods. They remain as committed to the former as ever and have never repudiated the latter. […]

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The Wonders of Europe’s Wunderbear

The dog that didn’t bark in the night is always the give-away. There are almost no dogs barking across Europe at the calamitous failure of the European Union to protect its citizens a full year after the Pandemic arrived on its larger shores. Worse, for a few hours, the European Union, so beloved of Dublin’s chattering classes, repartitioned Ireland. That it was more in a fit of absent-mindedness by our beloved (if unelected) EU President Ursula von der Leyen than […]

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