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No Dogs or Unionists or Constitution Either.

The constitutional crisis that is assailing Ireland today is because there is no constitutional crisis. The political classes and most of the media have refused to defend the Constitution against President Higgins’ gross interference with its intent and its integrity. In the process, he has deliberately insulted the Northern Unionists with his refusal to attend a church service in Armagh to commemorate a century of partition. Far from being a celebration of partition, as has been widely implied in the […]

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Rooms Vacant: No Dogs Or Unionists

The very intentional slight by President Higgins to the Unionist people by personally refusing to attend the centenary commemorations of the foundation of the Northern State is an event of enormous significance. It marks the capture of the centre-ground of Irish life by the Sinn Fein value-system, which boycotts rather than seeks any accommodation with alternative forms of Irishness. “Ourselves Alone” now finally means just that. This identity-fascism has not just conquered the Aras. Many of you will have read […]

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