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Floydian Falsehoods Flowing Still….

A year on from the most famous killing of the 21st century, and the Floydian falsehoods keep on coming. The latest was BBC 4’s broadcast of The Violence Paradox. This was a two-hour televisual presentation, complete with sonorous voice-over, of Stephen Pinker’s thesis that the world is a far more peaceful place than it used to be. Underlying its message was a worldview that essentially repeated and even vindicated the lies and fabrications of the Black Lives Matter/Antifa alliance. Now […]

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Ballymurphy Butchery Must Never be Forgotten

All those who cherish the truth, who respect courage and who admire tenacity will welcome the finding of the Ballymurphy Inquest that found that the ten people shot by Paras there during internment week fifty years ago were effectively murdered. The details are here https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/extra/nCC4npKUMq/Entirely-innocent. I’ve written about this shameful affair many times, as I have about the murderers responsible, the British army’s Parachute Regiment. But it’s too easy to blame them and them alone: their brutality and their taste […]

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Eyeless in Gaza: the Invisible Truth

Independent-minded people looking at the many one-sided anti-Israel demonstrations over the Gaza disaster must now conclude that the explanation for them is a widespread and deeply held anti-Semitism. The laws on legitimate military action are very simple. It is a violation of the Geneva convention to use occupied civilian buildings such as schools and hospitals as cover for military operations. It is another violation of the Geneva convention to fire munitions indiscriminately into civilian areas. Hamas has systematically done both. […]

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Blaming Israel Once Again

Contemplating the hideous events in Israel and Gaza, my mind is inexorably drawn to the seaside resort of Dun Laoghaire. What intellectual calamity befell that sorry borough that it should have chosen to elect Richard Boyd Barrett its TD? Was its population deprived of vitamins in their childhood? Did a pocket of radioactivity from Chernobyl land there and scramble the brains of the electorate? Did a bunch of Nazis settle in the area in 1945 after hearing de Valera’s reassuringly […]

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Lynch Mob Journalism Triumphs Once More

The purge continues. With Eoghan Harris on the tumbril, and with Irish Times columnists once again baying in sanctimonious glee as he’s hauled away, the area of freedom remaining in Irish journalism is about the width of a narrow-gauge railway.  The tracks have been set this close together by an extraordinary alliance of dedicated Sfira fascists, sabre-toothed PC liberals and the Kingstown & Dalkey Children’s Woke Brigade. The few plucky commentators who remain outside those tracks – such as Eilis […]

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Seventy-Six Years After VE-Day, We Remember Them…

Each June, a pot of shamrock mysteriously appears in the cemetery in the little Normandy churchyard of Toufreville. It is placed beside the grave of Private Edward Delaney O’Sullivan of the 22nd Independent (Pathfinder) Company of the British Parachute Regiment. When this Irish volunteer touched down outside the village after midnight on June 6th, 1945, he was part of the human vanguard of one of the greatest political and cultural advances in world history. At that moment, almost the entire […]

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Wave Byebye to the Old World Order

If you want to get a sense of the crisis faced by our world – the world of free speech and the rule of law, accountable politicians, transparent decision-making, responsible media and cultural self-confidence – you should read this week’s Spectator, specifically the articles by Lionel Shriver and Niall Ferguson. If they don’t make you reach for the gin, congratulations, you’re six feet under in Glasnevin and you probably didn’t even know you were dying. Our civilisation is under an […]

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