5. 11. 2021

Complete and Utter Cant

The mole-rat is a most extraordinary mammal. It lives underground and is almost completely blind and bald. It is cold-blooded so its body-temperature is the same as its surroundings. It feels no pain, can survive on tiny amounts of oxygen and can go backwards as fast as it goes forwards. Mole-rat communities feed their young with faecal pap, which is exactly what you think it is. The only human event that compares with a colony of these blind, shit-eating, backward-travelling, […]

13. 10. 2021

Behold, Our Very Own 32-County Paraguay!

No posts have appeared in this space for a while because I have become numb with horror. A catastrophic mood has taken hold of the Irish people. The only hope is that moods can change – but change can only happen when reason prevails, and ‘reason’ is now a barely evident quality in Irish life. This has usually moved in electoral cycles over the decades, but there are other cycles that are apparently driven by larger and darker forces. These […]

21. 9. 2021

No Dogs or Unionists or Constitution Either.

The constitutional crisis that is assailing Ireland today is because there is no constitutional crisis. The political classes and most of the media have refused to defend the Constitution against President Higgins’ gross interference with its intent and its integrity. In the process, he has deliberately insulted the Northern Unionists with his refusal to attend a church service in Armagh to commemorate a century of partition. Far from being a celebration of partition, as has been widely implied in the […]

16. 9. 2021

Rooms Vacant: No Dogs Or Unionists

The very intentional slight by President Higgins to the Unionist people by personally refusing to attend the centenary commemorations of the foundation of the Northern State is an event of enormous significance. It marks the capture of the centre-ground of Irish life by the Sinn Fein value-system, which boycotts rather than seeks any accommodation with alternative forms of Irishness. “Ourselves Alone” now finally means just that. This identity-fascism has not just conquered the Aras. Many of you will have read […]

30. 8. 2021

Talking About My Generation….

Apologia pro vita sewer: I can honestly look back at almost all my opinions, both those passionately held within me and the ambient ones that I abjectly assimilated from my peers, and say I was on the effluent side of most arguments. My post-war generation inherited a world that had been liberated from the Nazis at huge personal cost and was being protected against communism, yet we threw it all away. We abandoned our birth-right. We sneered at the values […]

24. 8. 2021

Our Civilisation Just Walked Off A Cliff

It’s a measure of how deep the fang of PC linguistic compliance has sunk into the soft tissue of the English language that even the enemies of wokeness are using the very words that torpedo their own arguments. In last week’s The Spectator David Patriparakos referred to a Taliban “spokesperson”, and two days later, the Free Speech Union similarly reported the words of the Taliban’s “spokesperson”, Zabihullah Muhajid. It then further compounded that idiocy with: “We also learned this week […]

18. 8. 2021

Taleban, Karen and Wombever Else it Concerns

Shortly before the US Presidential election, the headline in the Pravda of this era, The New York Times, was richer in dark truths than its author could have intended: “60% of people named Karen are voting for Biden.” People, not women. One can’t say the w-word anymore lest the psychotic transgender inclusivists tear you limb from pretty limb, like a Taliban execution squad with a brace of 120 cc motorbikes dealing with a gender-studies lecturer in downtown Kabul. That’s not […]

14. 8. 2021

Alas and well may this world weep, the West’s asleep, the West’s asleep…

The news might well have been arriving on one of those old-fashioned teletype machines, as you tear off a strip and read: Oregon governor abolishes reading, writing and arithmetic for high school certificates. The machine pauses, then bursts into life again. She also orders that all pupils and staff of every single school in the state must wear masks at all times, inside and out. Are you serious? I am. Oregon has declared literacy to be racist. Toddlers aged two […]

9. 8. 2021

Fifty Years On, Folly Still Rules

Fifty years ago this morning, in the greatest act of insanity any European state has perpetrated within its own national borders since the Second World War, the British government launched an entirely illegal and often criminal assault on its own citizens in Northern Ireland. Hundreds of men were taken from their beds and dragged off to detention centres. Many were beaten. Some were put through mock executions – either involving phony firing squads or being pushed blindfolded out of the […]

7. 8. 2021

UN Job for Zappone the Crony Says It All

The most terrifying thing about Ireland today is the abject compliance that unites politicians, journalists, academics, trade unionists, teachers, clergy and civil servants. The oracles of political correctness merely have to utter their Valleyspeak gibberish, and these groups cravenly submit. This is the Irish version of a political pandemic in a globalised world, which God help me, I initially welcomed, not learning the lessons from the AIDS epidemic: states without borders are in their own way every bit as vulnerable […]

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