16. 12. 2011

The Miami Showband massacre was one of the most depraved atrocities of the Troubles

THE official confirmation by the Historical Enquiries Team of collusion in the Miami Showband massacre of 1975 should surprise no one. It was widely known that UDR members of the UVF were involved and there was no serious attempt at the time to cleanse the UDR of loyalist terrorists. This was an utter scandal. But it doesn’t stop there. Most of the UVF men responsible for the Miami massacre had probably been involved in the Dublin bombings the year before. […]

15. 12. 2011

Is our membership of the euro simply a rather fraught way of declaring our non-Britishness?

It was a shame that Europe waited until I was away before it fell apart, for I feel sure that my counsel might have been of some use to the German Chancellor, Helmut Merkel, or the French President, Signore Punchinello. For a start, I should certainly advise Herr Merkel to do something about his tailor, for the rascal is giving his suits the strangest cut. Jackets should not normally reveal the bottom (especially one as ample as his) unless one […]

13. 12. 2011

I have been attacked for what I have not said on suicide but here’s why I must revisit the issue

Before I took a week’s leave, I wrote a column on suicide, which I finished: “And since we can, quite rightly, no longer use the crude force of a pagan taboo as a control over people’s lives, then we must extol the positive. . .” The headline-writer duly summarised these words as follows: “Suicide is self-murder and must remain taboo.” Well, we’ve all had bad days at the office, but at least most of us are then held accountable for […]

2. 12. 2011

My response to the tragic death of Garry Speed

Note to readers: this Column was atrociously headlined, “Suicide is self-murder and must be made totally taboo”, or something like that, which is the opposite of what I actually said (see the end of this column). Anyway, taboos are not consciously made; they are the creation of the collective unconscious, and it is because they work at a sub-liminal level that they are so very effective. Either way, here is my response to the tragic death of Garry Speed: NO […]

1. 12. 2011

Until you’ve played rugby with miners’ sons, you can’t understand the term ‘near-death experience’

Memory is a curious thing. I was out walking my dogs in the driving rain and howling wind yesterday, when a spaceship visited me from the distant galaxy of my youth. A panel in the side of the spaceship opened, and I walked aboard. And there, all around me, was a forgotten episode from my early years, unvisited all these decades. I was playing for Ratcliffe under-16s against Coalville Grammar School. Coalville was — is — a small town in […]

30. 11. 2011

Climate change shrouded in a smog of ‘facts

If it’s winter here, the global warming conference must be in the southern hemisphere. And yes, of course, it’s in Durban, whither thousands of global warmists are now flying, in order to confer at colossal expense and tell us to cut our carbon dioxide emissions, or else. Else what? Else, they’ll have another global warming conference even sooner than scheduled — maybe next summer, in Cannes, or Split, or San Francisco, or Sharm-El-Sheikh. Though maybe not there, because the Muslim […]

29. 11. 2011

Hubris at Montrose is simply staggering

Seldom has the professional liberal consensus been as exposed as it has in the past fortnight, with the bogus tweet during the presidential debate, the sorry affair in Naas, the libel-debacle in RTE and the squalid pickets outside the Israeli Film Festival in Dublin. There it was, in all its glory, the ruthlessness of doctrinaire media-liberalism; i.e. follow our rules, do as we do, or we will destroy you. It is a hypothetical question, of course; but do you actually […]

25. 11. 2011

Welfare state mentality is a fallopian felony

If you want a sense of how utterly unrelated to reality our modern political class remains, it was in the recent declaration by the “Minister for Primary Care” (oh please) Roisin Shortall that the government would introduce “free” GP treatment for all by 2015 and universal health insurance in 2016. The following year, no doubt, the government will eliminate our dependency on oxygen, following the Equality Tribunal’s finding that it is discriminatory. The year after that, all children will be […]

24. 11. 2011

Mobs and lies win when it comes to Israel

The Filmbase arts centre in Dublin is set today to be the scene of the latest in the latest of the irrational and phobic demonstrations against Israel, led by Raymond Deane, who rejoices in the most Orwellian of titles, “Cultural Boycott Officer” for the Irish Palestine Solidarity Campaign. Whatever you call this, it is freedom of neither speech nor of movement if anti-Israeli opinions are backed with coercion and pickets. But it is all like some grotesque screenplay that Monty […]

23. 11. 2011

Anti-racist competition enters darker waters

BASIL D’Oliveira had a perfect sense of timing: as a batsman, his late cuts and his drives to cover were the sweetest essays in synchrony. His was a royally serene presence on the cricket pitch, almost like Henry V amongst his troops the night before Agincourt. That there could have ever been an international row about his “race” shows what dark and incomprehensible times we’ve left behind (notwithstanding matters in Naas, which I might come to later this week). And […]