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Ireland is facing a future of hardship and we cannot allow false narratives to lure us back into violence

Enough. Last week we saw a new double-nadir in Irish broadcasting history. Not merely did TG4 broadcast a ludicrous piece of IRA propaganda in its profile of Rose Dugdale, in which it actually called her “saighdiuir/soldier”, but RTE Radio One promoted it in advance with a truly supine and abject 45-minute interview with the criminal lunatic herself. Better still, little you and me, through our television licence fees, subsidised both of these grisly little travesties. Without disrespect for TG4, which […]

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It is as if Irish people arrived here with their cattle and learned nothing about the land

Something odd is happening. In the middle of the greatest economic slump since the 1950s, Irish agricultural land-prices are soaring: €10,000 an acre. This is an astounding figure, but at least it does reflect the success of the Irish food industry. Our beef and lamb are superb. I recently did a blind, multi-national butter-tasting: Irish was easily the best. We humans might find the Irish climate infuriating, but the livestock and the wildlife with which we share the land do […]

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We will always be clinging to someone else’s coattails

It’s hard to imagine a better example of a winning argument than that of the Eurosceptics such as Anthony Coughlan and Mary Ellen Synon who for years were maintaining, through closely marshalled economic facts, the fundamental flaws of the Greater Europe vision. The eurozone is now on life-support; gangrene is rotting its extremities; toes go black and stink. Yet the debate — if such an energetic word may be used about Leinster House: the Dail drums or the doldrums? — […]

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Executions of 1916 still form toxic staple of brainwashing that passes for education in schools

Some Dublin friends had builders in last May, for a job to be completed in July. So, of course, they spent the third week of December desperately trying to get the builders to finish by Christmas. And the really serious problem with this story is the effortless ease with which Irish readers know it is possible. Moreover, Irish builders — not being parachuted down from Mars — are probably a fair representation of the standards in much of Irish life. […]

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The Miami Showband massacre was one of the most depraved atrocities of the Troubles

THE official confirmation by the Historical Enquiries Team of collusion in the Miami Showband massacre of 1975 should surprise no one. It was widely known that UDR members of the UVF were involved and there was no serious attempt at the time to cleanse the UDR of loyalist terrorists. This was an utter scandal. But it doesn’t stop there. Most of the UVF men responsible for the Miami massacre had probably been involved in the Dublin bombings the year before. […]

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Is our membership of the euro simply a rather fraught way of declaring our non-Britishness?

It was a shame that Europe waited until I was away before it fell apart, for I feel sure that my counsel might have been of some use to the German Chancellor, Helmut Merkel, or the French President, Signore Punchinello. For a start, I should certainly advise Herr Merkel to do something about his tailor, for the rascal is giving his suits the strangest cut. Jackets should not normally reveal the bottom (especially one as ample as his) unless one […]

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I have been attacked for what I have not said on suicide but here’s why I must revisit the issue

Before I took a week’s leave, I wrote a column on suicide, which I finished: “And since we can, quite rightly, no longer use the crude force of a pagan taboo as a control over people’s lives, then we must extol the positive. . .” The headline-writer duly summarised these words as follows: “Suicide is self-murder and must remain taboo.” Well, we’ve all had bad days at the office, but at least most of us are then held accountable for […]

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Athy in the Great War

This is the talk I gave to Athy about its role in the Great War   Though Athy was a garrison town, most Athy soldiers did not enlist here but in Naas or Carlow. Of the 87 Athy men killed as plain soldiers just 13 enlisted locally. Basically three regiments recruited in the Athy area – The Royal Dublin Fusiliers, the Leinsters and the Irish guards. It was this last regiment with which the first Athy dead of the war […]

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McGuinness is part of the IRA’s army council. This question remains central to the election

THE clock clicks by. Irish democracy sleeps, the lullaby of Sinn Fein lies wooing it to a deadly slumber. Electors under 30 have little memory of the Troubles: those under 25, none. Mental partitionism, which became endemic in this Republic after about 1973, means that maybe half of those old enough to remember the Troubles do not actually do so: the memory receptors in their brains were instantly turned off by any mention of the North. And suddenly, we have […]

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I just don’t accept the Darwinian law of natural selection as a means of explaining migration

ON Monday evening, the swallows gathered on the telephone wires. By Tuesday, they were gone, prompting some pretty age-old questions, such as: what will they do when underground optical-fibres and iPhones make telephone wires extinct? Will the swallows dig pits to squat subterraneanly on the fibres? Or will they cluster on children’s mobile phones, as the weighty little dears stand outside their schools, ponderously gorging upon a few thousand calories until their mothers drive them home, a massive mile away? […]