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Sinn Fein’s Axis Wins Again

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For Mary Lou McDonald, the leader of the political wing of the IRA to have praised the man who in 1939 created the alliance between the IRA and the Third Reich can only mean one of four alternatives.

One, she is profoundly stupid.

Two, she is profoundly mad.

Three, she is profoundly wicked.

Four. There is no fourth alternative.

But this is not the discussion that is now besetting the Irish media and political class. No, to the immense satisfaction of the Sinn Fein-IRA axis – and what a useful word that can sometimes be – the hysterical response of that strange, conjoined entity has been over a Sunday Independent cartoon that showed McDonald as a witch.

That posturing clown Varadkar, naturally, said that it was misogynistic, whatever TF that means. This is of course what Varadkar does: finds a mob and sanctimoniously positions himself at its head. The Green’s Eamon Ryan said the cartoon was “deeply distressful and hurtful,” WTF that means – “distressful?”. Michéal Martin said that he did not approve of that kind of “characterisation”, again, WTF that means. In other words, all aligned axially behind the political leader of a still-armed SFIRA.

So there we have it, the 21st-century version of The Miracle at Knock. An image that is seen to “insult” any woman – and therefore all women – is heretical and therefore must be anathematised, just as anyone who opposed Knock airport was anathematised forty years ago. In this weird pseudo-feminist world, women are seen to be so weak and vulnerable that any mockery, any derision and any disdain directed at even one of their number must be a reflection on their entire sex and therefore be denounced with the M-word.

“Misogynist” is the kryptonite of any modern argument. Every fifteen-year-old girl knows that a misogynist is a very wicked person indeed, and to smear any man with the term effectively finishes him. Yet even fifteen-year-old girls set an intellectual and emotional level too high for many modern feminists – especially in the National Women’s Council –  to reach. These have united around the mare’s nest of the cartoon, but not against McDonald’s reiterated support for the man who created the alliance between IRA-Sinn Fein and the Final Solutionists of The Third Reich.

And that is the only issue here, for the Final Solution is the great moral watershed in world history. Let us remind ourselves what watershed means. It is a simple English translation of the German Wasserscheide and it refers to a high point where waters part for ever, travelling in two quite different directions; hence both the Yangtse and the Hindus Rivers rise in Tibet but feed two completely different civilisations, the Chinese and the Indian.

In Irish life, the Final Solution marks the parting between those who hold by the laws of civilisation, of decency, of the rule of due process, and those who hold by unprincipled expediency, who consider the ends justify the means and who think that the dead Jews of Europe would have been a price worth paying to expel the Protestants of Northern Ireland from the United Kingdom and into the arms of a bankrupt Catholic state.

On January 30th, 1939, Hitler announced over the wirelesses (which the Nazis had made available to almost every home across the Reich) that in the event of a world war, the Jewish people of Europe would be exterminated. This very explicit threat was reported right across the world, even in Irish newspapers. So the genocide (not yet a word in anyone’s language) of Europe’s Jews was not some clandestine ambition known only to the select few in the Reich, but a publicly avowed ambition that within six years was nearly achieved.

A few days after that speech, in early February 1939, a Nazi agent, Oskar Pfaus arrived in Ireland to negotiate a deal with the IRA in the home of Peter Kearney in Clontarf, where he met Jim O’Donovan, who was also an executive of the ESB, and the IRA’s chief of staff, Sean Russell. (Could this have been the same Peter Kearney who assisted in the IRA’s massacre of Protestants in the Bandon Valley in 1922?) Both Russell and O’Donovan would later visit Nazi Germany – O’Donovan three times – while Russell stayed in Berlin to develop the Nazi-connection. He died in a German U-boat on his return to Ireland in 1940 to assist the Nazi war against the UK. His body was buried at sea and wrapped in a swastika, not an honour bestowed lightly by the zealots of the Third Reich. O’Donovan would later profess his admiration for Germany’s opposition to Washington and London “as centres of Freemasonry, international financial control and Jewry.”

That’s it, in a nutshell. Nothing more to be said. Anyone who equivocates, quibbles, vacillates, fudges or hums and haws on this issue or makes any kind of excuse for an alliance with the most wicked regime in world-history is either an idiot or is insane or is evil. Yet instead of accepting this simple truth, our feminists in the media are in hysterics about the witch-cartoon, weeping and wailing about the clear “misogyny” that is thereby implicit.

To which you can only reply: Jesus Christ Almighty. You utterly pathetic, caterwauling, morally trivial, intellectually contemptible halfwits. Do you idiots, you cretins, you execrable, self-pitying babbling baboons have any idea what offensive cartoons really are? They are what appeared week in and week out in the Nazi magazine Die Sturmer, portraying Jews as baby-killing, blood-sucking parasites. That was the true voice of the murderous pestilence with which the IRA joined forces spiritually and militarily, an alliance that “though misguided” McDonald still defends because it was “Ireland’s opportunity”.

So what is the personal explanation for this? Stupidity? Madness? Wickedness? Well, according to a recent article by her in The Irish Times, the response to the pandemic is proof that a united Ireland within the EU was justification for the Sinn Fein demands for a Border referendum. Quite so. And the loss of the Hindenburg proved how successful hydrogen-lifted Zeppelins were and the sinking of the Titanic revealed the frailty of icebergs.

Hello? Facts ahoy! The Republic of Ireland within the EU has vaccinated 10% of its population. Northern Ireland, within the UK, has vaccinated 40%.

Which suggests she’s just thick.

But maybe not. Remember, McDonald also regretted that she hadn’t been old enough to join the IRA when the glorious struggle for freedom was underway. Which killing does she wish she had been involved in? Caroline Moreland was the last woman murdered by the IRA, when McDonald was 25. So what did she mean that she was ‘too young’? Is she so completely deranged by her daily proximity to killers that she’s now unable to deduct the year of her birth, 1969, from the year of Caroline’s death, 1994?

So maybe she’s just mad.

Or does she regret not being party to the Canary Wharf bombing, an explosion which had the yield of a small nuclear device, and which killed two completely innocent men, though it could easily have killed scores or even hundreds.

In which case, she’s just wicked.

Make your own mind up on this.

Yet so besotted have the media and our political classes become with Sinn Fein that she is repeatedly referred to by her cutesy country & western name only. Even the Taoiseach Michéal Martin’s mealy-mouthed criticism of her support for Sean Russell repeatedly referred to her as “Mary Lou,” as if she was Tammy Wynette’s trailer-park cousin. And maybe that’s why the IRA army council chose her to be the leader of Sinn Fein – for surely nobody could publicly excoriate a lickul wickul girl by the name of Mary Lou, even as she sits on the veranda, winsomely warbling Stand by the RA. And by Jove, the ploy worked: for where else in the world would a party-political leader who had publicly celebrated a man who had entered an alliance with the Nazis nearly be elected prime minister?

So that’s the delinquent nursery created by the weird fusion between wokeness, feminism and armed Irish victimhood. If you lampoon any woman in public life – Ursula von der Nincompoop, Marinade My Guinness or Merry Loo McSemtex – you are criticising all women and are therefore a gender-Nazi, an anti-feminine fascist and a malevolent male misogynist. And then tin hats on and stand clear as RTE assembles a carefully balanced panel consisting solely of weeping/snarling/eye-gouging feminists declaring how hurt/enraged/angry they are that any cartoonist would be so misogynistic as to compare the leader of the IRA’s political wing to a witch.

Which really begs the question: what poor witch ever deserved such a comparison?

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