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Blaming Israel Once Again

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Contemplating the hideous events in Israel and Gaza, my mind is inexorably drawn to the seaside resort of Dun Laoghaire. What intellectual calamity befell that sorry borough that it should have chosen to elect Richard Boyd Barrett its TD? Was its population deprived of vitamins in their childhood? Did a pocket of radioactivity from Chernobyl land there and scramble the brains of the electorate? Did a bunch of Nazis settle in the area in 1945 after hearing de Valera’s reassuringly heartfelt condolences over the tragic end of both Adolf and Blondi – yes, the same terrible day! – and, unable to express their deep-dyed anti-Semitism any other way, thereafter decided to vent their moral pathogens through Israelophobia?

Whatever the explanation, the outcome was that the borough is represented by one of the stupidest TDs in the history of the state. Now no man should be blamed for having an IQ that rivals his collar size: but an electorate that selects such a person to represent them may be allowed no such charity.

In his speech before Dail Eireann last week, BB managed not to mention the 1,600 missiles fired into Israel over three days (compared to the 9,521 VI missiles fired into London over several months). These attempts at mass-murder were dismissed as a “flare-up”, as in; “What preceded this latest flare-up was the attempt to evict and ethnically cleanse – let us use the correct term – 28 families from the Sheikh Jarrah area of Jerusalem in order to replace those Palestinian families with illegal Jewish settlers.”

Ethnic cleansing, you idiot, does not involve law courts just twenty-eight people and a lawsuit that has lasted since the 1970s: I’ve seen ‘ethnic cleansing’ in Belfast, Bosnia and Beirut, and it is done in days, hours, even minutes, by men with guns. It does not take half a century with barristers. BB then managed then to go back to 1948: “In the year the Israeli state was founded and in one of the most barbaric acts of ethnic cleansing seen in the 20th century, close to 1 million people were expelled by Zionist terror gangs from their homes and villages and driven to the West Bank.”

Not according to the UN, which reported as follows: “The estimate of the statistical expert, which the Committee believes to be as accurate as circumstances permit, indicates that the refugees from Israel- controlled territory amount to approximately 711,000. https://web.archive.org/web/20110822123836/http://unispal.un.org/unispal.nsf/b792301807650d6685256cef0073cb80/93037e3b939746de8525610200567883?OpenDocument

That is, he exaggerated the numbers of refugees by around 40%. That the departure/expulsion (and there were elements of both) was tragic is indisputable. It was nonetheless completely dwarfed by events elsewhere. Some 13.5 to 16.5 million ethnic Germans were expelled from eastern Europe at that time and over a million murdered. That calamity was exceeded by the simultaneous Partition of India, involving the expulsion of up to 20 million people with many millions killed. In 1915, when BB’s grandfather, the actor Cyril Cusack was five, 1.5 million Armenians were murdered in Turkey, and when he was twelve, 1.3 million Greeks were expelled from Anatolia. When Grandpa Cyril was 16 the Nuremberg Laws were passed, and by the time he was twenty-five, much of Europe, between the Black Sea, the North Sea and the Baltic, was Jewless, with at least five million Jews having been murdered.

When BB was seven, the Khmer Rouge began the genocide of over a million people. In 1994, when BB was 27, the Rwanda massacres cost about a million lives and resulted in the flight of millions. Indeed, across Africa during his lifetime, many millions of people have been displaced and at least ten million have been murdered. Furthermore, some 800,000 Jews were driven from their homes in Arab countries in the second half of the 20th century; in 1918, the population of Baghdad was 40% Jewish. Today it is roughly 0.0000%.

Yet what does he obsess about today? Little Israel, whose population is 20% Arab, as opposed to Northern Cyprus, which was mixed Greek/Turkish until he was aged seven and which today is completely Greek-free, with 150,000 Greek Cypriots having been driven from their homes by Turkish forces, and thousands killed.

So what is it about Israel that, compared to all those other states, so enrages so many people? What precisely is it that makes Israel the worst culprit in the world, and not Rwanda, or Turkey, or Kampuchea or any of those other genocidal places? I can’t quite put my finger on it, though no doubt the voters of Dun Laoghaire might explain it as follows: Israel is largely composed of Jews.

The UN General Assembly last year condemned Israel 17 times and all the countries everywhere else just six times. Lovely North Korea got one condemnation, as also did delightful Iran, as did exquisite Syria as did the earthly paradise that is Myanmar. Is that a true reflection of the awfulness of Israel? Or is it a reflection of the cynicism that runs through the UNGA like the open sewers of Izmir, formerly Smyrna, where around 150,000 Christians were murdered in 1922, with thousands of women being raped before being butchered?

Consider: an attempt to condemn Communist China for its treatment of the Muslim Uyghur minority got the backing of 23 countries, while 54 other states supported an opposing motion praising China’s “remarkable achievements in the field of human rights”. The 54 pro-China-states included Russia which poisons people in Salisbury, Pakistan which kills people for blasphemy, Serbia which has attacked virtually all its neighbours and the Democratic Republic of the Congo where two million people were violently displaced as recently as 2013, but not by Jews, so that’s all right then. China executes more people yearly than the rest of the world combined, making it obviously preferable to horrible old Israel.

Moreover, the UN runs the only legitimised apartheid system in the world. If you are a refugee in Peru or Mongolia or Mozambique or Myanmar or Iraq, the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) will mind you and – more to the point – settle you in a new civil society where you can start your life anew, as happened for the twenty million refugees in Europe 1945-50 and about the same number in former India.

But if you were and are a Palestinian refugee, you will have been under the care of the UNWRA, which officially stands for the United Nations Work and Relief Agency, but in practice actually means United Nations Warehouses for Rage and Anger. All the refugees from those countries upon which calamity fell after the Second World War have been settled and integrated into their new societies. Only the Palestinians remain in these hideous camps, where their alienation, their ire and their despair are vigorously encouraged by UN officials. Under UN auspices, the 711,000 Palestinian refugees of 1948 now number 5.6 million “refugees” today: and of course, the vast majority are not refugees at all, and have been confined to these squalid Bantustans by the UN and by their brother Arabs in the countries where the camps are located: the West Bank, Lebanon, Gaza and Syria.

This really is a crime against humanity, as is the endless reiteration of the “right of return”. Do the descendants of the forty million Germans and Indians expelled from their homes at around the same time that the Palestinians fled Israel have the “right” to return to their homelands across central Europe or the Subcontinent over seventy years later? This would be rather like demanding in 1948, the year that Israel was founded, that the descendants of the Lacota, Cheyenne and Arapahoe warriors who fought at the Battle of Little Big Horn just over seventy years before, be given the state of Montana. It’s simply not going to happen, any more than the descendants of the hundreds of thousands of Irish people who lost their homes in the brutal evictions of the 19th century are going to be allowed to “return” to live in the places their ancestors had once inhabited.

It is politically insane and morally wrong to be indoctrinating young Palestinians in the belief that one day they will reclaim a “home” that neither they nor their parents or even their grandparents have ever seen. And it is perfectly wicked that these “promises” are made in PLO-published and EU/Irish Government-sponsored textbooks whose anti-Semitic rhetoric could easily have graced the pages of Der Sturmer.

That aside, with so many Israeli Arabs now clearly alienated, it’s surely time for the reign of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – or BiBi: how happily similar to BB! – to come to a long-overdue end. However, this alienation does not justify the wicked tactics of the terrorist-fanatics of Hamas; they have started a war with the specific purpose of suffering civilian casualties for which the Israelis could then be blamed (though many of these have been self-inflicted, as rockets intended to kill Jews have clearly exploded prematurely). This is a trap into which, naturally, the Government of Ireland has fallen. But still, if there’s one good thing that might result from this tragedy, it is that the electors of Dun Laoghaire might finally realise what a braying idiot is speaking in their name.

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