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Floydian Falsehoods Flowing Still….

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A year on from the most famous killing of the 21st century, and the Floydian falsehoods keep on coming. The latest was BBC 4’s broadcast of The Violence Paradox. This was a two-hour televisual presentation, complete with sonorous voice-over, of Stephen Pinker’s thesis that the world is a far more peaceful place than it used to be. Underlying its message was a worldview that essentially repeated and even vindicated the lies and fabrications of the Black Lives Matter/Antifa alliance.

Now Stephen Pinker is one of the greatest men alive. His thesis – that the world is a far less violent place than it has ever been before – is indisputable. But that is a generalised perception; specifically, it is not true across all of Africa or in a great many American cities. Yet The Violence Paradox presented Baltimore, Maryland as an example where the murder rate in 2019 was being dramatically lowered thanks to early interventions in gang disputes by self-appointed vigilantes.

Two years on, we know the facts.  Far from enjoying a reduction in murders as alleged, Baltimore (which is about the size of Dublin) that year experienced a historic new high of 348 killings, mostly of blacks by blacks, which was then exceeded in 2020. And now, at the end of May, 2021, the figure of 120 murders in the city in lockdown is up by 17% over the same but pre-lockdown period last year, and on track to set a new record.

Presenting a falsehood as a nostrum for ending murderous criminality might make an emotionally satisfying documentary, but it brings us closer neither to the truth nor a solution. For much of Paradox was predicated on “evidence” that suited the larger argument that violence was diminishing everywhere when it simply wasn’t. Behind this denial of reality was the programme-makers’ sub-textual agenda that the white man is usually to blame. I suspect that Pinker – a man of colossal intellectual rigor – was probably appalled at the programme’s sly implications and its deceitful agenda.

So, the Atlantic slave trade was presented historically as a major cause of deaths amongst Africans, as indeed it was. But no mention at all was made of the fact that the first legal slave-owner in the American colonies was a black African named Anthony Johnson, which should not be too surprising, since the slave trade within Africa had preceded the Atlantic slave trade by many centuries. Moreover, the trans-Saharan slave trade – not even mentioned in Paradox – had a far higher death toll than the one to the Americas. Male slaves were usually castrated and then worked to death. Women and girls were used as sex slaves, and their babies murdered – as indeed were they, once their sexual usefulness had expired. This genocide of blacks by Arabs is why, unlike the USA, there are today relatively few people of Negroid origin along the southern Mediterranean littoral, though many millions of slaves were sent there from sub-Saharan Africa.

The slave Empire of Dahomey, run entirely by black Africans, set the tone nicely on this subject: it had a yearly slaughter of slaves called the “Annual Customs”, at which up to five hundred men would be publicly killed, usually by beheading, in a ceremony that was almost the Dahomeyan equivalent of Trooping the Colour. Dahomian slavery was formally ended by the British in 1851 after a Royal Navy blockade, but in fact it continued for many years, along with the mass human sacrifice of the Annual Customs, which finally tapered out in the 1890s.

The Violence Paradox also presented mass shootings as a largely Caucasian/American phenomenon, whereas the majority of such massacres nowadays occur in Africa. The almost daily slaughters in Mozambique, Nigeria, Ethiopia and the unmitigated horrors of the Congo were never mentioned, and nor was the role of Islamism in promoting violence. (As I write these words, news has come through on my laptop that a suicide bomber in the Nigerian state of Ebonyi has blown himself up after failing to penetrate the security of the school that was his target).

After dwelling at length on how peaceful the world is now compared to the past, the voice-over commentary lowered its tone ominously. It then showed us footage of a Nazi rally, stating that just as German Nationalism had spawned Hitler, fresh nationalisms could threaten the peaceful gains we currently enjoyed. We were next shown a montage of these modern, whites-only threats to world peace: A Brexit rally with a “We want our country back” poster, an Alt-fur-Deutschland rally, with a poster “Islamisierung Stoppen”, a Marine Le Pen rally in France, a picture of Putin and a fifth picture I couldn’t identify.

This was Quislington at its most tendentious, with – naturally – no illustrations of Islamic, African or Asian extremism.  But far from being Nazi, AfD merely seeks to control immigration, limitations on which have been imposed by most self-governing societies for a thousand years or more. Marine le Pen is, like AfD, attempting to recover the probably irretrievable, which does not quite make her a Hitler. Even the criminal Putin does not resemble the Führer. And as for horrible, xenophobic Brexit Britain, last year a record number of illegal migrants left the paradise that is the EU for it, 2,300 of them crossing the English Channel in barely seaworthy vessels. Even The Guardian, the comic-book newspaper for Quislington’s metroleft, admitted last week that eleven Syrians who had been deported after entering Brexit Britain illegally had promptly returned there and had successfully registered as asylum-seekers. Moreover, 72% of all arrested “asylum-seekers” in the UK were not deported at all but released from detention to do as they wished.

Yes, just like Nazi Germany.

In essence, the message of The Violence Paradox was that the primary perpetrators of evil have been white men; China, where perhaps a hundred million people were slain or were starved to death 1933-1973 was never mentioned. So, though the programme was made two years ago, it was a prescient endorsement of the values of the multiculturalist caucaphobia that have since brought the USA to its knees.

Naturally, any evidence that the Pinker theory simply does not apply in certain places was ignored. In South Africa, for example, just under 5,000 people were murdered in the first three months of 2021, an increase of 8% over 2020. Its population is roughly that of the UK, but its homicide rate is thirty times as great and climbing. You might blame those appalling figures on the legacy of colonialism and apartheid, but Ethiopia was never colonised and its murder rate is notionally eight times that of the UK. However, that figure is meaningless in a society where tribal and ethnic violence is both endemic and unquantifiable. Similarly, in Nigeria, the official murder rate is 9.85/100,000, but 1,470 Christians are known to have been killed by Islamists in the first four months of 2021, which on the 9.85 ratio would be the annual murder-toll for 45 million Nigerians. But such massacres are not included in annual homicide statistics, thereby rendering all official figures quite meaningless.

Although The Violence Paradox was made before George Floyd’s killing, it nonetheless foreshadowed many of the falsehoods that now inform the BLM/Antifa agenda. So clearly, that agenda was ready, its authors merely awaiting the right opportunity to strike. A year ago this week it arrived, and the entire western world was jolted about its axis. The fiction that black people are invariably victims of white people is now a fixture in the mess of pottage that today passes for young peoples’ minds, no matter their race.

However, the BLM activists who canonised Floyd cannot conceal certain uncomfortable statistics. For example, the 6.5% of the US population that is male and black is responsible for 27% of all rapes and 53% of all homicides, or that twice as many white men as black men are shot by the American police every year. And of the 15,000 knife crimes in London annually, 10,000 are by black males, who (like the USA) constitute just 6.5% of the population.

Meanwhile, the huge complexities of group-choice – which is why you seldom see pubs with the name “Scruffy Goldberg’s” or rugby players called Singh or sportscar manufacturers called Ahmed or diamond-cutters named Ó Muircheartaigh – have become obscured behind the bewitching falsehoods of racial victimhood in which the culprits are invariably white Christians, or even worse, Israelis.

In this deranged dispensation, Caucasians are bad, but Israeli Jews, naturally, are evil. Thus, the English FA Cup in Wembley in mid-May began with players and officials abjectly genuflecting before the fictions of BLM and ended with two Leicester City players triumphantly waving Palestinian flags to the crowds, presumably in celebration of the 1,800 rockets that Hamas had over the previous few days fired into Israel.

The following week BBC 4 screened the deeply misleading and tendentious Violence Paradox, to great critical acclaim. So, yes, we’re in deep, deep trouble; but you knew that already, which is of course why you came here in the first place….

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