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Our Civilisation Just Walked Off A Cliff

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It’s a measure of how deep the fang of PC linguistic compliance has sunk into the soft tissue of the English language that even the enemies of wokeness are using the very words that torpedo their own arguments. In last week’s The Spectator David Patriparakos referred to a Taliban “spokesperson”, and two days later, the Free Speech Union similarly reported the words of the Taliban’s “spokesperson”, Zabihullah Muhajid. It then further compounded that idiocy with: “We also learned this week that Twitter, which banned former President Donald Trump, provides a platform for various Taliban spokespeople.”

Taliban spokespeople indeed, as if a woman could ever be one.

We can precisely state the onset of this linguistic shift: September 11, 1971, when a group of American women psychologists first formally endorsed the term “chairperson”. The elegant calendric synchronicity of this date thereby links the three autumn days in 1971, 2001 and 2021 which symbolically anyway spelled the downfall of our world, the final one being the scheduled date chosen by that Hercules of Pennsylvania Avenue, President Biden, to be the deadline for the US’s final withdrawal from Afghanistan. However, events (dear boy) interposed, upsetting the precision of the temporal diminuendo marking the capitulation of the west to the twin heresies of doctrinaire egalitarianism and jihadism.

The introduction of the new lexical compliance-signifiers half a century ago did not inevitably portend disaster, even though their arrival required a studied rejection of how language actually works. We all know that the term “man” originally applied equally to male and female human beings, not just in English, but in all Teutonic languages. Moreover, every language has confusing or contradictory terms, and if we tried to remove all linguistic inconsistencies we should long ago have abolished inherently contradictory terms such as “sanction”, which means both to authorise and to forbid on pain of penalty, or “cleave”, which means both to divide in two and to unite. The essence of language is both context and the astonishing ability of the listener’s brain to divine what the speaker actually means.

Ideology does not work on such intuitive processes, so linguistic conformism rapidly became mandatory within the new religion of egalitarianism. What was done to “chairman” and later to “spokesman” soon spread, not naturally, but through cultural coercion, to terms like “fireman” and “postman”, to the point where it became almost unseemly and sexist to refer to a man at all. Women remained women wherever and whenever possible, but men became persons.

We thus feminised our vocabulary so comprehensively that we no longer have the words to communicate the violently sexist nature of our enemies. Meanwhile, Islamists went in quite the opposite direction,  unapologetically producing vast numbers of men who are dedicated to mortal jihad. Within this moral order, women are essentially heifers from whose loins these warriors may obtain sexual relief, thereby ensuring the procreation of fresh warriors, fresh martyrs and also of course fresh heifers (but preferably veiled when out of the cowshed).

But no doubt a spokesperson for Al Qaeda, for ISIS, for Taleban and the Clonskeagh Mosque, the European home of the theology of martyrdom operations, would deny this interpretation of events, wouldn’t she? Thus the absurdity of this confected term, “spokesperson”, which is so industriously doing our foe’s job for HIM.

The fundamental issue for the world is not that Afghan women must resume covering their hair. The historical truth, which will be remembered in just the same way as is the Fall of Constantinople, is that the entire western alliance – comprising the North American continent, Western Europe and the countries of the Commonwealth, which together had defeated Nazism and Soviet Communism – has now been beaten in the field by unlettered sandal-wearing time-travellers from the 7th Century who arrived at the battlefield on late 20th Century Honda 75s.

How inspiring this victory must be to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia, Hamas in Gaza, the PLO, Hezbollah and ISIS/ISIL! Likewise to the fundamentalists in the various former Soviet -khan states and the Islamic insurgents across Africa, as well as the millions of “disaffected” European Muslims in Bradford, Birmingham, Leicester, Paris, Nice, Brussels, Malmo, Berlin, Munich and Rome.

Rather than face up to the gathering catastrophe in Afghanistan, over the past year the West preferred to tear itself asunder over the fictional injustices done to black people, all in the name of St George Floyd, of blessed and immemorial memory. So, the weekend after Kabul fell, soccer matches in England did not begin with a minute’s silence for the 500 British soldiers killed in action and the two thousand maimed for life some four and half thousand miles away in a doomed campaign in Afghanistan, but for the death of one black criminal at the hands of a rogue cop about the same distance away but (once again) in the opposite direction fifteen months earlier.

If you can think of a greater absurdity than that, please let me know.

No, on second thoughts, don’t.

What is now quite clear is that the will to win had been hollowed out from within the US, as its major corporations, its media, its campuses, its political elites, its sporting heroes and even its military leaders had been neutered by the appeasing coma of wokeness.

Do you remember Biden’s words soon after his inauguration that the greatest threat to the US did not come from Taleban or ISIS, but came from white supremacists? Yet not a single member of the travelling flock of liberals in the White House press corps has baaed those words back in the face of this despicable mongrel, half-traitor, half-imbecile.

That said, Biden is not a complete idiot: in the back of that vegetable of a brain there lingers the garlic of cunning: he has made himself safe from impeachment by appointing as vice-President an even worse potential successor than the idiot Dan Quayle or the humbug Al Gore, one who also gathered in her electoral trawl-net sufficient numbers of black and female voters to propel this treacherous halfwit into the Oval Office. You get what you deserve when country matters and skin-colour trump policies and character in the choice of a vice-president.

But not even Biden’s direst critics could have predicted that he would provide Taliban with around 350 state-of-the-art military helicopters, so making it the owner of the world’s fourth-largest military helicopter fleet, ahead of any NATO country aside from the USA, and behind only Russia and China. Indeed, Taliban now has three times as many attack helicopters as the UK. Biden also threw in a few dozen light attack aircraft, thousands of armoured personnel carriers, fifty-five battle tanks, a thousand mortars and 110,000 automatic rifles, plus four Hercules transports for good luck: not so much Lend-Lease as Wander-Squander.

Or, to put in other Second World War terminology, this was the Rout of Dunkirk, the Fall of France, the Fall of Tobruk and the Fall of Singapore all rolled into one. But unlike 1941-42, the USA is no longer the ace in the hole to come to the rescue of the Free World. Now, it’s a busted flush, and for all time. For ever: do you get that? The two-thousand-year-old civilisation of Caucasian-Graeco-Judaeo-Christianity just walked off a cliff.

You think I’m exaggerating? Just hang around for a century or so and then tell me I’m wrong, as mestizo Spanish is once again the first language of Los Angeles and San Francisco, Sharia law prevails over many British cities and Mandarin is the official tongue of the Australian provincial capital Q’anbella.

We’ve been brought to this catastrophic pass by the heresies of modernism: by the falsehood that all cultures are equal, that men and women are essentially the same, and aspiration is all; you can choose your sex just as easily as you can proclaim yourself an artist, hence those sacrilegious palaces to cultural idolatry, IMMA in Dublin and the Tate Modern in London.

Meanwhile, universities abandoned academic projects and embraced advocacy instead, diligently creating empirical-free faculties whose sole purpose was to destroy their host societies. Feminist college courses degenerated into hysterical incitements that spread hatred and discord between the sexes. Anti-racism became a government-backed religion that rewarded the self-hating liberals, the bigoted, the deranged and most especially, albuphobes*. Meanwhile, woke historians, television screenwriters and advertisers have almost completely abolished the very concept of a good white male.

Naturally, anyone who challenged these destructive projects was denounced as a misogynist, a xenophobe, an Islamophobe, a white supremacist, and yes, an inhabitant of that “basket of deplorables”.

China and Russia are now free to assess whatever tasty parts of their neighbours they might safely gobble up, and Iran’s mullahs cast their plutonium-enriched eyes at Israel as the final instalment of the Final Solution finally beckons in their evil hearts.

Foul it is this dawn to be alive, but for the young, soon a living hell.


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