3. 8. 2021

Farewell July, the Constitution and Fair Play

So farewell July, when our political classes finally abandoned the Constitution as a rulebook and Irish journalism took another two steps towards its much-deserved grave. One was the wicked destruction of the career of the rugby pundit Neill Francis and the other was the studied neglect of the Percy French Summer School.  The month began with Declan Ganley’s (barely reported) court case against the state for its draconian and unconstitutional closure of all places of worship last year. Constitutions are […]

29. 7. 2021

Letter to a Kindly Fireman….

“What the fuck happened to you?” asked the Dublin fireman I met the other day. “Why do we never hear from you anymore?” WTF happened? This happened. Four years ago this week, John Burns, my page editor on The Sunday Times Irish edition asked me to write about the row in the BBC over the pay differentials between male and female broadcasters.  He emailed: “Fallopia O’Whynge wants to work less hours than her male counterparts, slope off to have babies […]

19. 7. 2021

Apeneck Sweeney spreads his knees…

Anglophobia now chic in Ireland

11. 7. 2021

How to Get an England Win and a Johnson Defeat…..

In these few hours before the European Football Final, I confess my heart is torn. Part of me wants England to win, partly because I was born there and also because of the strong Irish component – Rice, Kane and Grealish, if that idiot Southgate even remembers to play him – in the English squad. But like you all, I truly dread the vacuous and self-satisfied outpourings from the English media and pundits if England wins, apparently unaware – as […]

10. 7. 2021

Lynch-mobs love going over old ground again

The great thing about a lynch mob is that it never learns, never listens and never repents. Quite the reverse: it never ceases to revisit old ground to gore the odd hapless survivor. Now I didn’t know quite what to expect when I wrote the column below nine years ago, but I was reasonably sure that Yvonne Murphy would be in for a hard time when she finally produced her report. And so it proved. Most of you will have […]

4. 7. 2021

Sophie’s Untouched Corpse Should Shame Us All

There’s hardly been a more searing indictment of the priorities of the Irish state – and thereby, overall, of Irish society – than the “investigation” into the murder of Sophie Toscan du Plantier twenty-five years ago. It’s no wonder that the failure to try anyone for this atrocious deed shocked France; what is even more shocking is our own failure to examine and learn from this state’s abysmal failings. Sophie’s murder came at a deeply symbolic time in Irish history, […]

2. 7. 2021

Lies, Damned Lies & the Chinese Pandemic…..

The unwonted hysteria over Chinese pandemic permitting, I shall be talking at the Percy French Summer School in Castlecoote later this month. This year’s subject is Truth, and to judge from previous years, the only way you’ll have of learning about what’s being said there is by your presence. Even though last year it was the only summer-school in the entire island, the mainstream media – which usually rejoice at the easy copy that results from summer schools, since these […]

22. 6. 2021

Hitler Versus Stalin: Eighty Years on….

Eighty years ago this morning, three and a half million soldiers of the Third Reich began the invasion of the Soviet Union; there was little doubt what the outcome would be. The USSR had spent the previous decade almost annihilating itself. The earlier destruction of the class of kulaks – industrious small farmers – had cost about a million lives, but that was just the foretaste of what Stalin was about to inflict upon his empire. During the great purges […]

20. 6. 2021

Welcome to Sfira’s Paradise, SERVILIA

It’s hard to know which is more worrying; the unanimous decision by Cork City Councillors to denounce Eoghan Harris, or the equally unanimous indecision of Irish journalists in reply. Welcome to Servilia, the state whose citizens abjectly comply with the consensus emanating from our new cultural rulers, Sinn Fein-IRA, Sfira. To be sure, Eoghan Harris was – as charged  –  critical of John Hume’s role in the so-called peace process: but no more critical than I was or Seamus Mallon, […]

14. 6. 2021

Time for Dublin to Protect Unionists

Geography is a cruel but inescapable master. In addition to governing propinquity, it often inspires atavisms that are usually best supressed, as the latest row over the Northern Ireland Protocol and Brexit attests. It was this propinquity and these atavisms which produced the Schleswig-Holstein question, the complexity of which bedevilled 19th-century diplomacy. Lord Palmerstone said: “Only three people have ever grasped the solution to this question. The Prince Consort, who is dead. A certain German professor, who went mad. And […]

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